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ESR - HoQ CA 4v4 Spring Season 2016 Coverage

Djackz / Mar 25, 2016 / LG Web
Clan: Loaded/Gunz
Team leader: Djackz

viaIImaximus: Hello! Would you be so kind to introduce your team to us (who the players are, what their/your experience is in Quake and the HoQ league)?
Djackz: Loaded/Gunz,
were founded by Djackz end 2013 and created by Realster when QuakeLive was still in standalone version. The plan was to create squads in different gametypes like; Clan Arena,Capture The Flag and finally Team-Deathmatch in different divisions. We did however choose to specialize on Clan Arena.
Slowly we started to form a team with friends and created some squad leaders. We starting to play serious in Clan Arena together in 2014 and aim for more clan-wars and practice games and won plenty of our clanwars. Even still we recruited more players that helped us to gain stronger squads. In 2015 we played in HoQ and won division3(
At one point we decided to step it up. miSc provided a proper teamspeak server and developed an excellent website( Further more CockZ1lla is hosting some Quake Live servers which turned out to be very popular within the community.
Special thanks to all our friends!

viaIImaximus: Did you prepare for the HoQ CA Spring 2016 season? Did you practice?
Djackz: We are born ready! Most of us played the quake series for years. There is no reason for us to do bootcamps. Our training schedule for HoQ is at least every sunday or more games during the weekend. Some of us can play almost everyday some of us only weekend.

viaIImaximus: What do you think of the map pool?
Djackz: Its cool to add maps that aren’t popular, but we miss campgrounds and the rest of the ra3maps. This would make the tournament more interesting.

viaIImaximus: Your first opponent is Frag Emm Clan. What do you think of them? Who do you think has a better chance of winning?
Djackz: Well it is hard to say, it depends on the days form, like in all other sports.

viaIImaximus: Now that the groups have been released, who do you think the favorite is in your division?[/b]
Djackz: Everyone has the chance to win. I think we will see some surprises.

viaIImaximus: What are your team's ambitions for this tournament?
Djackz: WIN of course and having a lot of fun while playing against old friends.

viaIImaximus: Anything else that you would like to add i.e. shoutouts?
Djackz: We wanna shoutout to the whole Quake community and say thank you that we could introduce our clan. We hope to see you soon and wish everyone a lot of fun. Hopefully the quake community will never die.

Shout out: kyz, G4rlock, hysobe, Nelfi, asd_, Insan3, pix_, syz djackz, Heartlesss333, S1lv3r, skiz, ceck, drejk edsky, RedHash, miSc, bobz1lla, Emexrulsier, proz1, TrueRiot RedHash, TrueRiot, bobz1lla, Emexrulsier, proz1, mataina

viaIImaximus: Thank you for your time and good luck in the tournament!



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