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HouseOfQuake signups will open 1st of mach to 20th of martch. the first match starts at 22:00 - 24th of march 2016 LG/ SURVEY -2 TEAM(S)/DIV(S).

Djackz / Feb 13, 2016 / LG Game
Hi all,

a new LG/ SURVEY for the next hoq signups from 1st of march to 20th is up!.
Select your player(s) and create own div(s) and team(s) what you think is best for the league..
again we decideto do this together as community..

-If you are worried about anonymity, you can check the "Keep my vote private" in the bottom of the survey.

-Multiple answers/choices is also optional in the questions

-You can find the SURVEY in the top right border of the website or <<click here>>

-8 players allowed by <<hoq rules>> in one squad.

Thanks everybody!

more info <<check this page>>


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