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LG/ SURVEY February 2016

miSc / Feb 12, 2016 / LG Web
Hi all

Some changes coming up!

After some consideration, we decided to include members into the "management" decisions. Ultimately giving you all power to help determine who gets voted in and out of LG, but also on various other matters. We hope you welcome this new way of doing things, and hopefully support it through taking the surveys we provide.

Feel free to discuss the issues, topics, subjects in questions in this thread, but keep it clean and constructive!

POLL / SURVEY is in the upper right corner of the website! or >>> CLICK HERE <<<

Everybody is entitled to their own opinions and views -

If you are worried about anonymity, you can check the "Keep my vote private" in the bottom of the survey.
Multiple answers/choices is also optional on some questions*

Also to be noted; Realster is currently "on leave" due to his newly acquired baby... how he got it.. is a riddle to us all. Congrats Realster! Your quake career is now officially over! ;)

Thanks all.

/LG - Keep on fraggin!


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