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NEW LG Ranking / Members (Explained)

miSc / Jan 22, 2016 / LG Web
Hey all.

In an attempt to get more organized, we have rearranged members in various categories.
What might seem as a demotion is not intented so, it's more less a "unit transferring".
There are no need for ALL members to have full power to everything, as this purse a risk of security but also just plain pointless - as they don't do any administrative work.

*The ranking system on the website is also reflecting the groups on teamspeak.

It has been arranged as follows:

- Founders / Server Admins -- ( Core and Web admins, that handle the everything administrative )
  • Have full access to everything.
- Officers / Admins -- ( Game admins, officers with necessary powers to handle the basics )
  • Have basic admin permissions on site and teamspeak, aswell as gameservers.
  • This include Kicking, Ban, move, execute various cmds.
  • Are often included in administrative discussions, due to their position.

- VIP's / Donators -- Members who have contributed in a certain way, in particular "donations" are worthy of this group. They are highly regarded, and awarded special permissions, badges, and abilities within the system.

- Members -- The regular members of LG are in this group, and serve as the foundation of community. They have basic rights, and sorted as inactive/active.

- Friends -- A group dedicated for friends (non members), of LG who we socialize with on regular basis. They have no particular rights, as their "registered" group overwrite this. Could also be other clans*

Other "badges" on teamspeak such as channel admin, voice operator etc, are irrelevant. They are only given out by Server Admins, but useless - as the groups such as "Officers" have the exact same abilities.

So to sum up..
The Founders, are also Server Admins, and represented by a few members. ( Me, Jackz, and Realster. )
Officers are the secondary admin group, with less access and power but just as important.

If you have any questions, just ask away below. ;)



Well done. I hope everyone can deal with it
I agree.
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