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1/3 Complete! New domain + Host

miSc / Jan 21, 2016 / LG Web
Just like that..

We now have a NEW domain AND HOST! Thanks to all of you. 😎

Our host is, an amazing firm that has a great reputation. 99 procent uptime, 24hour support, and tons of features.

We are no longer limited to a simple cms system, with pay to upgrade systems. offers unlimited bandwith, unlimited email accounts (YES you can have your own email account), webshop, gallery, sitelock (a security system), blog, FTP + PHP + MySQL + SSH + SFTP and SSL, 30 euroes prepaid Google AdWords program, DNS control, Cloudsave, and the list goes on.. and on..

In other words, your donations got us this far - I will take us the rest of the way ;)
All who donated will be honored and received "special abilities" and features when we get our new site up and running. Which leads us to main question, when is it ready??

Well I got a life .. believe or not, haha, so LG is my sparetime project. So I've set the counter to what I believe is a realistic timeframe, for me to design, code, and put it all together. I might be done earlier, it might be exstended. All depends on various factors, so we just have to wait and see.

On the new website, you can subscribe to follow updates on progress.
Also a big thanks to DJackz, who's been particular helpful. He's in charge of our Social Media, and those are being updated too. LOTS of cool things coming boys, so stay tuned and allow yourself to be excited! 😆

That's all for now.
If you have questions, feel free to ask them below.

/LG miSc


Nice, sounds very good! If you neeed help just a ask for it ;-)
Roger that! At the moment everything is going as planned, so I'm covererd. Jackz is taking care of the social media side of things, (more about that soon), and you got the servers. Concerning the servers, I am getting complaints about lag lately, and I experienced it today myself. Our pings suddenly went up over 100's..

When you have a minute, we can talk on TS about it. ;)

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