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LG taking the next step!

miSc / Jan 11, 2016 / LG Web
Hello Everybody!

Things are going well. LG is winning matches, gaining strength, popularity, and growing. 6 New dedicated quakelive servers are up and running - (thanks to "Bob"), it's only natural to be discussing the future of LG.

We are currently hosted for free at shivtr, using premade modules and templates. Allthough Shivtr offers a varity of upgrades and premium membership deals, it's just too restrictive and exspensive in the long run. This does not meet our current standard or future ideas, and so we have made plans to move on to something of our own. The goal is gather the sum of 100 Euroes, that will be invested into a new website, host, domain, limitless features and cloud backup! The cost will decrease at next payment to as little as 10 euros a year, and then we will be FREE and be in charge if our own operations.

A donation pool has been created, and you can find it at the top upper right corner at the website. Contributors will have a special status, and be rewarded once we get settled at our new host. ;)

We are excited about the future, and SKY is the limit!
/LG - Loaded Gunz

*Any size of contribution is greatly appriciated!


great work team.
Donations are rolling in! It's AMAZING, thank you all for the support.
However I ask you to please include your game nick somewhere, so we can see who is donating.

Thank you! ;)
Nice we are Close to 100 :)
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